My Stamp Collecting Tools

Tools That Will Help For Stamp Collection

There are few basic tools that are needed for collecting stamps:

Stamp Tongs - Helps to handle stamps safely.

Magnifying Glass - Helps in viewing fine details & flaws in your stamps.

Stamp Album -  One of the convenient ways to store stamps & the stamps may need to be attached to the pages of the album using stamp hinges.

Hinge-less Mounts - Used for more unmounted and expensive MNH stamp.

Stamp Stock-Book - One of the convenient ways to stock stamps & it has drop into clear pockets without the need for a stamp to be mounted.

Safe Signoscope T1 Professional Watermark Detector - Can be useful for viewing Watermark on MNH stamps.

Special tools would be needed to determine the accurate details of the stamp's paper:

Micrometer - To measure the thickness of a stamp. 

Magnifying glasses or loupes - These hand-held magnification device are to see fine / small details more clearly & closely. 

Digital microscopes - To examine the minutest details of the paper. 

Ultraviolet light - To illuminate the paper to reveal its glowing aspects. 

Certain chemical fluids -  To reveal hidden features. 

Certain paper types may require the services of an expert as the only sure way of knowing the true identity of the stamp's paper.

  • Books on Stamps that are in my collection:

 I got this (pre-owned) 'INDIA USED ABROAD' by Jal Cooper published 1950. Hardback, with dust jacket;


  1. Hi, found your site today, very nice hope you expand it. I also have a site showing my Stamps of India - . My email if you wish to converse is .
    Hope to see how this site expands.

    1. Hi Cecil,

      Thank you for the feedback, I will try to update this blog periodically with more details ..

      Had a look at your website & good to see details on Indian stamp .



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