Numerical Cancellation on QV Stamps

Numerical cancellation

India 1854 Sg 8 Pale blue Die III

Numerical cancel 1 used in Calcutta  on Two Anna Orange QV


Renouf Type 26 and Cooper type 17

Numerical Cancel below are the one I saw online and not from my stamp collection.
Added here for reference & for education purpose to the philately community:

Numerical Cancel Number:C-1 --? Not Known !

India Litho QV 1855 SG16 1a Dull Red Die III VFU CV£250++

Dull red shade is far more scarce than SG price suggests compared with SG15 where all other E stone shade variations are dumped! – Characteristic teardrop eye & straight-topped bust – Watermark position 47 reversed sheet position 42 seems clear although position flaw Upper label flexed above DIA of INDIA seems absent? 

Numerical Cancel Number:3

Numerical Cancel Number:4

Numerical Cancel Number:C-9

Numerical Cancel Number:11

Numerical Cancel Number:15 or 75 ?

Numerical Cancel Number:17

India Litho QV 1854 SG14 1a Red Die II PM 23 VFU CV£85+

Bright rather than dull shade – Watermark position 9 [Shifted] sheet position 10 D Stone based on presence of Red flaw lower left edge first I of INDIA[just visible] Large red flaws inner white line right opposite sixth, seventh and eighth arches. Top red line of eighth arch left is broken near the base. Red flaw W of sixth dot right – PM type 4 (JC) Bombay postal sub-region ’23’ Ahmedabad Camp or Cant
4 margins (3 large) fresh very attractive condition

Numerical Cancel Number:C-24

India Litho QV 1856 Cover Madras SG12 1a Red Die I PM C-24 GU/FU

B stone Watermark/sheet position 67 based on presence of Small red flaw in lower limb of E of ONE. Outer frame line R retouched at top . Folding letter written 6th March 1856 - PM type 6 Madras postal sub-region ‘C-24’ Mangalore KA & Mangalore rectangle PM (unclear) (Giles type 3) – Small rectangular Madras GPO PM (Giles type MX5 usage 1837-53) dated 12th March 1856 late usage for type 

Fine condition single diagonal corner missing fairly light vertical crease . Stamp 4 margins (2 large) slight gum residue stains.

Numerical Cancel Number:B-25

Numerical Cancel Number: C- 26

Numerical Cancel Number:27

Numerical Cancel Number:B-30

India Litho QV 1854 SG14 var. 1a Pale Dull Red PM B-30 Pair GU/FU CV£170+

Notable pale shade (vermillion-like shade (deep) recognised by Dawson & Smythies Specialised Catalogue of Early India Lithographs 1933 2nd Ed. p.12) for SG14 C stone – Watermark/sheet position 30-31 [shifted slightly N] based on (30) Red inner line on right broken over first and fifth arches. Prominent white nick opposite first arch on right. Left inner red line broken near second arch – (31) Left frame line broken at bottom. Right frame line broken opposite lower label. Right leg of second N of ANNA curved and thinned. Eye touched-up or retouched – PM type 7 Bengal postal sub-region ‘B-30’ Burhanpur MP

4 margins all round (large to close) quite fresh overall gum residue stains top edge more prominent on reverse

Numerical Cancel Number:35

Numerical Cancel Number:36

Numerical Cancel Number:B-36

Numerical Cancel Number:C-39

India Litho QV 1855 SG15 1a Red Die III PM C-39 VFU CV£200+

Bright red shade with characteristic E stone straight-topped bust & teardrop eye – Watermark position 55 reversed sheet position 50 based on (Tiny) Red flaw above and to right of second N of ANNA – PM type 6 (JC) Madras postal sub-region ‘39’ Ongole near Nellore AP

4 large to huge margins Fresh attractive condition

Numerical Cancel Number:47

Numerical Cancel Number:49

India Litho QV 1854 SG14 1a Red Die II PM 49 Pair US CV£170

Possibly watermark position 43-44 [Shifted east) sheet position 43-44 C stone based on (43) Frame line on right cut or thinned opposite second arch on right – (44) Left frame line extended upwards. White upper curves in third and eighth arches in left merge into white line – PM type 4 (JC) Bombay postal sub-region ‘49’ Asirgarh near Khandwa MP

4 clear margins all sides fresh overall condition fold between stamps 4 diagonal cuts (each corner)

Numerical Cancel Number:52

Numerical Cancel Number:52

Numerical Cancel Number:52

Numerical Cancel Number:52

Numerical Cancel Number:52

Numerical Cancel Number:52

India Typo QV 1854 SG31 var. 2a Dark Green PM ‘52’ GU CV£50

Mottled Print – PM type 5 NWP postal sub-region ‘52’ Benares – Watermark approximates to sheet position 31
4 healthy margins quite fresh on face tiny shallow top edge thin

Numerical Cancel Number:55

India Litho QV 1857 Cover Ahmednagar SG6 ½a Blue Die II PM 57 VFU

Typical deeper Die II blue shade – Cover value 130x5=650GBP – C stone Watermark/sheet position 37 based on presence of Frame broken opposite 5th and 7th arches L and L bottom corner & upper chignon detail White, 2 spots – Plus pictorial key reference small blue flaw SE of H – PM type 4 Bombay postal sub-region ’57’ Ahmednagar MH – Folding envelope with red circular Ahmednuggar PM dated 10th July 1857 - Jaulnar (Jalna MH) Paid (a place not listed in Giles Handstruck Postage Stamps)

Fine condition overall for these flimsy paper types crinkle tear top center well intact otherwise – Stamp healthy large margins fresh attractive condition

Numerical Cancel Number:65

Numerical Cancel Number:68 ?

Numerical Cancel Number:73

Numerical Cancel Number:86

Numerical Cancel Number:94

Numerical Cancel Number:95

Numerical Cancel Number:95

Numerical Cancel Number:99

Numerical Cancel Number:111

Numerical Cancel Number:102

Numerical Cancel Number:123

Numerical Cancel Number:123

India Litho QV 1854 SG24 4a Pale Blue & Red PM 123 US CV£650 [Square]

4th Printing Head Die III Frame Die II close spacing watermark position 19 – PM type 4 [larger font] Bombay postal sub-region ‘123’ Mahableshwar MH

Numerical Cancel Number:124

Die II half Anna with superb Aden Steamer 124 strike on a lovely wide four margarine example

Numerical Cancel Number:126

India Litho QV 1856 Cover Mahidpore SG3 ½a Pale Blue Die I PM 126 FU 

Watermark/sheet position 4 Group 4 of intermediate 24 based on presence of (ii) White flaw, outer line right, bottom of 5th arch & (v) Blue flaw, outer white line left, top first arch & (i) White flaw outer line left, by top of lower label in position 4 only on B stone – Individual sheet plating B stone (4) large blue flaw touches W end of 6th dot left and arches above and below it – PM type 5 NWP postal sub-region ‘126’ Mehidpore (Mehidpur MP) 

Fair condition internal smallish part of letter missing – Stamp large to huge margins quite fresh

Numerical Cancel Number: C- 130

India Typo QV 1854 SG31 var. 2a Very Dp Br Yellow-green PM C-130 US

Extreme less common shade – Strong continuous external lines on three sides – PM type 6 Madras postal sub-region ‘C-130’ Cochin Kerala

4 large margins fresh overall surface issues primarily due to applied gum creasing from reverse small circular thin

Numerical Cancel Number:132

Numerical Cancel Number:150

Numerical Cancel Number: C-152

India Abroad Litho QV 1855 SG8a ½a Blue Die III PM C-152 Tranquebar VFU 

D stone Watermark position 44 reversed sheet position 45 No conspicuous flaws. Outer frame-line thin nearly all round, especially on right, and opposite 6th and 7th arches L – Example is worn state of stone – PM type 6 Madras postal sub-region ‘C-152’ (Top and bottom element of 2 is just discernible possibly?) Tranquebar Danish settlement under British control fro 1845

Numerical Cancel Number:156

Numerical Cancel Number:156

Numerical Cancel Number:158

Numerical Cancel Number:C-158

India Litho QV 1856 Cover Negapatnam SG8a ½a Blue Die III PM Blue C-158 VFU

Cover value 85x5=425GBP plus Blue PM – D stone Watermark/sheet position plating difficult to determine – Type 6 PM in blue ink (200% scarcity) Madras postal sub-region  Folding envelope with red PAID Negapatnam (Tanjore dist TN) 1856 (Giles type 4 1841-54 therefore later usage than listed) to Cuddalore 1st September [not listed in Giles]

Fine condition fresh condition few vertical wrinkles   Stamp 4 large margins Fresh attractive condition slight surface gum residue

Numerical Cancel Number:162

Numerical Cancel Number: B-164

Numerical Cancel Number:169


Numerical Cancel Number:172

Numerical Cancel Number:176

Numerical Cancel Number:177


Numerical Cancel Number:180

Numerical Cancel Number:215

Numerical Cancel Number:226

Numerical Cancel Number:233

Numerical Cancel Number:238

Numerical Cancel Number:242

Numerical Cancel Number:309 used in Muscat

Indian QV Stamp Used in Abroad, Cancelled in Muscat

Numerical Cancel Number:317

Numerical Cancel Number:369

Stamps cancelled with several strikes of the All-India 'L-6/18'

Stamps cancelled with several strikes of the All-India 'L-6/18'

1873 envelope franked on the back with 9 x EI ½a, from Rawalpindi to Umritsur. Stamps cancelled with several strikes of the All-India 'L-6/18' postmark of a Rawalpindi branch office, with Umritsur delivery mark alongside. Handstamped registration mark on the front (scan 2) completed by hand. Envelope lightly folded and with edge faults in places, but a scarce early example of internal registered mail.India:registered

Stamp cancelled with J-2

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